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Ayushi Gupta Interview: Know The Ambitious And Talented Artist of Hostel Daze

Young and new talent Ayushi Gupta from TVF and Amazon Prime’s Hostel Daze shared her experience working on the show. She talked about her upcoming short film, shared what inspires her the most and many more things.

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Ayushi revealed that she lives with her family. She has an elder brother who got married last year. In her family, there’s her parents, brother, and sister in law.

I think she’s performed her role in Hostel Daze really well and has a very bright future in front of her. Know many more interesting things about Ayushi Gupta in this exclusive interview she did with cCELEBS.com.

Where were you born and raised?

Ayushi: I have been born and raised in Pune.

Is it your first official credit as Nabomita in Hostel Daze?

Ayushi: As Nabomita it is my first web show, yes. It’s the first professional credit I have got.

Ayushi Gupta

How did the selection happen for Hostel Daze?

Ayushi: A couple of months after shifting to Bombay I ended up auditioning for the character. It was one of my first few auditions.

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Prior to this, I had mostly just given AD auditions and one film audition. I think the next day they told me I’m on the shortlist and the director wants to meet me.

It was surreal, to say the least! I was a huge fan of TVF. TVF Pitchers to date remains one of my favorite shows. I met the wonderful director and a couple of hours later they told me I got the part! To say I was excited is an understatement!

Have you also done advertisements?

Ayushi: Yeah, I have done a couple of advertisements.

How was your experience working on the show?

Ayushi: It was a beautiful experience, I was a bit nervous but I had a wonderful team. We had rehearsals so I met my co-actorsrs well in advance.

Everybody was supportive, the set was madness in the best way possible! Our director was super approachable. A lovely set for any actor to be on!

What are your future plans? In which movies or shows we can see you in the future?

Ayushi: I’ve done a show called ‘The LineUp’ My character in this deals with Mental health and finding her voice through her art.

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It’s very sensitively written and a topic I deeply care about so I’m quite excited about that. The tentative release date is July/August for the same!

I’ve done another short film called “The Song We Sang” which is premiering in the Indian Film Festival of Los Angles this year.

This short film is all heart and we’ve worked exceptionally hard to get it together, the teaser for this is out.
And as far as the future is concerned I try not to think of it as much as possible because if I did id probably get really anxious and I think it’s important for an artist to stay in the now.
I’d like to keep working and see where it takes me!

Ayushi Gupta

What do you do in spare time?

Ayushi: I enjoy reading. I used to play a lot of sports, I haven’t played in a while but I would like to start that again. I like listening to music, I like going for walks.

Anything new actually, I like doing new things. I am really keen on learning poetry.

Do you have a crush on someone?

Ayushi: Hahaha, I have a lot of crushes.

Who is your inspiration?

Ayushi: Oooof. That’s a very broad question for me.

I get inspired by a lot of people on a daily basis. If I’m working with someone or even chilling with them for that matter I pick something up!

Co-actors, directors, friends, family even a stranger, there’s inspiration everywhere and so much to learn

What makes a good life?

Ayushi: I think during this particular period of lockdown I am realizing that a good life is probably a life where you are trying to be happy and do what you want to do.

You are experiencing a range of things, so many experiences are coming your way and you are just going through it.

I don’t think that’s a definition, there are so many things. Just embrace everything that’s coming your way.

Do you take anything for granted that you think you should not take?

Ayushi: My family I think, yeah, for sure. Love them to bits but I sometimes take them for granted.

How many languages do you speak?

Ayushi: I speak English, Hindi and I can speak and understand a little bit of Marathi.

When do you feel truly alive? Like, get chills and goosebumps in the body?

Ayushi: So many things actually, moments give me goosebumps. In a film, in life, in a book.
Acting does more than anything,

I think very early in life I realised I loved being on stage, didn’t think I’d become an actor then, a 7-year-old me just knew that it made me happy.

When I started acting for the camera I fell in love with honesty, you can’t lie to the camera. And it’s not always but after giving a shot if you feel like you caught that moment and character and really lived it. It’s just.. a different feeling, don’t know how to define it.

Even if I’m not shooting for something but I audition for something, it makes me genuinely so so happy

What would be your Super Power?

Ayushi: I think I would love to teleport. That would be really great. Because I miss my family when I am in Mumbai and I could just teleport.

What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?

Ayushi: Once my brother has made me record an audition by giving me a fake audition call. And it was a really emotional character, like really dramatic, I went through that whole process and I was so mad at him after that.

I didn’t talk to him for two days, I was so pissed off. So much time recording that audition and he was like oh I am joking and forgot to tell you.

Do you sing in the shower?

Ayushi: Of course, I love singing in the shower. I am a terrible singer but I love singing in the shower.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned?

Ayushi: I don’t know about the hardest lesson but the thing life has taught me is to be kind always, live in the present and be your own cheerleader.

Have you ever saved someone’s life?

Ayushi: (While laughing) I have saved my own life multiple times if that counts? I have rescued kittens but if talking about saving a human’s life, then no.

Ayushi Gupta

What food have you never eaten but would really like to try?

Ayushi: Nothing actually. I am very experimental when it comes to my food. I like what I like. And I am not going to try a lot of things when it comes to food, so yeah.

If you would get to build your own world, how would it be?

Ayushi: In my head, it would be a very idealistic world. I feel like there’s so much disparity and capitalism right now. There are so many things that are wrong and our planet is being taken for granted.

I think I would really like to build a world where you are sort of one with nature, there’s no exploitation. And honestly, a very idealistic world. Because I think exploitation is such a common part of like anything that you are part of.

And also in my world Pizza are super healthy and salads would be the unhealthy part. This is totally contradictory to my nature thing but Pizza’s are really healthy in this new world.

But also a world not based on exploitation.

Question: Pizza is your favorite food?

Ayushi: No, Pao Bhaji is my favorite food. It’s my comfort food.

What will you do if You become the Prime Minister of our country?

Ayushi: It would be very similar to my ideal world you know. I’ll try to do the best I could do. It’s such a subjective question. I don’t know the responsibility that comes with it.

I don’t know but I feel like I would really like to do something for education, especially of women. I feel like that’s a cause that is very important to me.

Would You Rather Segment

Would you rather make all your clothes, even if you can’t sew or pay twice as much for your clothes?

Ayushi: Make all my clothes.

Would you rather spend a week in the woods or one night in a real haunted house?

Ayushi: Week in the woods.

Would you rather have a big or small family?

Ayushi: Big Family

Would you rather Eat everything you see or lick everything you see?

Ayushi: Lick everything I see

Would you rather find true love today or win the lottery next year?

Ayushi: Find true love today.

Would you rather be invisible or be fast?

Ayushi: Fast

Would you rather have universal respect or unlimited power?

Ayushi: Universal respect

Would you rather Live in space or under the sea?

Ayushi: Space

Would you rather Have no hair or be completely hairy?

Ayushi: No Hair

Would you rather be forced to sing along or dance to every single song you hear?

Ayushi: Dance

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