Jessica Rogan and Joe Rogan

Jessica Rogan: Interesting Facts About Joe Rogan’s Wife

There’s a nice chemistry between Jessica Rogan and her husband Joe Rogan. They both like to and agreed on keeping things about Jessica and their personal life private. It is known that Joe and Jessica met and fall for each other in no time and they dated for a year before finally tying the knot.

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Before becoming the wife of America’s favorite comedian Jessica has worked as a cocktail waitress and also as a crew member in the Hollywood industry.

Joe Rogan is widely known for his work as a comedian and the host of shows like Fear Factor. He also has two shows with Netflix, one released in 2016 titled, Joe Rogan: Triggered and one in this year (2018) titled Joe Rogan: Strange Times.

However, we are going to know about his dear wife here, Jessica Rogan.

Before marrying the guy she was known as Jessica Schimmel. Her father Robert Schimmel was also a comedian. She has five siblings, their names are Aaliyah, Jacob, Max, Derek and Sam Schimmel.

Jessica Rogan was born on June 28, 1978. Like I said earlier Jessica and Joe like to keep a low profile about their personal life, so not much information is out there. But I’ll cover what I have found about her.

Jessica Rogan is Happily Married to Joe Rogan

Everyone knows that Joe and Jessica got married in 2009. They have three beautiful daughters and one of them is Jessica’s from her previous relationship.

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Here’s a good and worth noticing thing about their marriage. Since there marriage, there has never been any kind of false rumor or controversy about the couple’s marriage. Seems like they are living a happy and flawless married life which they want to keep private.

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Fans of Joe who listen to his podcast knows that in 2017, he talked about raising his kids on the podcast. But the man was careful enough to not talk much about his family.

When Jessica met Joe, it was not her first experience of meeting a comedian. Her father used to be a comedian too. She might have seen something interesting in Joe that made her fall for the guy and the rest was history.

The Rogan family is living happily in Bell Canyon, California.

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Jessica Rogan Works As a Television Producer & Net Worth

While Joe is the front face of his work, Jessica Rogan his wife works behind the scenes. Commendable work list of Jessica includes Hollywood, The Simpsons, Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed and Howard Stern.

The net worth of Jessica is not known and it wouldn’t be wise to just make an assumption about that out of the air. But we do know that Joe Rogan’s net worth is about $25 million approximately.

She Met a Lot of Comedians in Her Life


Jessica Rogan

Jessica Rogan was born as Jessica Lynne Schimmel on June 28, 1978, in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Her father Robert Schimmel was a very well known comedian of his time.

Jessica used to go to Hollywood parties and met the biggest comedy personals there. Notable people she met in her life in those parties are Waynes Brothers, Rodney Dangerfield,  Michael Keaton, Kevin Nealon, Jay Leno, Michael J Fox and more.

Other than this, she attended the University of Arizona and did majors in Psychology as pre-med.

Prior to meeting with Joe Rogan and becoming his wife, she was in a relationship with a guy for five and a half years. That person was a very nice Canadian guy according to Jessica.

In the year 2004, she gave an interview for Ocean View Press. And here’s what she said about living in LA.

LA is good, we are spoiled with the weather and everywhere you go you see beautiful people. But on the flip side, dating is tough and everyone can be a bit flaky. After all, they moved here to never have to grow up…Never Never Land if you will.

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