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Vanna White Salary: Husband, Marriage, Wiki and More

Vanna White is an American actress and a television personality that has seen many joyful moments in her life. As like most human beings, there has also been a number of sad moments in her life.

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In 1983 she gained popularity as the hostess of hit classic show Wheel of Fortune. After that career-wise White never looked back.

Here’s an amazing thing about the Vanna White. As of now, she is 61 years old but she hasn’t lost her charm and till now in 2018, she is appearing on the show as the hostess.

Let’s know some more facts about the actress covering several aspects of her life.

Vanna Faced A Family Tragedy Right After Birth

She was born on February 18, 1957, in Conway South Carolina. Her father Joan Marie was of Puerto Rican and Croatian descent. Her mother’s name was Miguel Angel Rosich and sadly her parents got divorced when Vanna was an infant.

Miguel remarried to a guy named Herbert Stackley White Jr. He was a real estate agent in the North Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina.

White Has More Credits as Herself Than as An Actress

On her IMDb page, she has 19 credits as an actress and 61 credits as self. Her very first appearance on tv was as a contestant of the show named The Price is Right (1980).

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Her other notable appearances on tv as herself are in Women to Women (1984), Playboy Mid Summer Night’s Dream Party 1985 (TV movie), It’s Garry Shandling’s Show (1986), Late Night with David Letterman (1984-1986), Good Morning America (2017) and many more.

Even as an actress she has appeared as Vanna White in most of the tv shows. And in some of the tv movies, she has played different characters. Some notable credits are Fresh Off the Boat (TV Series) [2017], Double Dragon (1994) and Married with Children (1993).


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White is Also a Song Writer and a Published Author

For the very first time in the music industry, she was mentioned in Nelly’s 2001 hit song Ride Wit Me. The singer referenced to a moment when he sat right next to Vanna on a flight in the first class cabin.

But in reality, that moment never happened. Vanna White revealed this fact to US Weekly.

“I was at an Easter party years ago and Nelly was at that party,” White told Us Weekly. “I went up to him and I said, ‘Did we ever sit next to each other on an airplane?’ And he goes, ‘No, it just rhymed.’ True story!”

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So Nelly just added the following line to his song because it went with the flow.

“Can I make it? Damn right, I be on the next flight / Payin’ cash; first class — sittin’ next to Vanna White.”

Vanna got the chance to write a song with Weird Al Yankovic. The name of that song is Struck In A Closet, it was featured in Weird Al’s Even Worse album.

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In 1987, Vanna has written a book called Vanna Speaks. The book has got a 2.94/5 rating on GoodReads. And here’s the book summary.

One of America’s best-known and best-loved TV celebrities tells her inspiring story, and includes advice on how to be beautiful in mind, spirit, and body. Black-and-white photographs.

Vanna White Salary, Net Worth: Once She Sued Samsung

In one of their magazine ads, Samsung used a robot’s image standing next to a wheel. After sometime Vanna White sued Samsung for using her persona for promotional purposes without giving her any compensation in return.

However this “right to persona” case was sent to a lower court and eventually White won the case under the Lanham Trademark Act and California common law.

And Samsung had to give $403,000 to Vanna White.

The annual salary of Vanna White as a hostess on Wheel of Fortune show is $8 Million. Other than this she earns money from her book, featured appearances in tv and media industry, sponsorships and advertisements.

With a yarn company named Lion Brand Yarns, Vanna has a line of yarns named Vanna’s Choice. She also earns a significant amount of money from this venture.

Vanna White

After combining her salary, venture, and several earning streams, her net worth is around $150 million.

Vanna White Wasn’t The Only Lady Selected For Wheel of Fortune

Before White, Susan Stafford was the hostess of Wheel of Fortune show. She left her position in October 1982 and show creators decided to recruit other young ladies.

Recruited girls for the post were Vicki McCarty, Summer Bartholomew, and Vanna White. But there was something special about Vanna White, because of her charm the show’s popularity skyrocketed and later on, her position became permanent on the show.

Vanna White Faced Multiple Tragedies in Life

Vanna fall in love and got engaged with an actor and dancer named John Gibson. Sadly, John died in a plane crash in 1986.

Four years went by and then Vanna met a restaurant owner named George Santo Pietro. They both got married in 1990 and White got pregnant with her first child in September 1992. Her pregnancy was announced on the show Wheel of Fortune in a mysterious way.

Show creator kept the following answer of a puzzle.

Vanna’s Pregnant

Unfortunately, Vanna miscarried the child. But apparently, she gave birth to her first child named Nicholas in 1994. The couple’s second child, their daughter Giovanna (Gigi) arrived in this world in 1997.

But sadly after few years of their second child, the couple divorced in November 2002.

Afterward, she got engaged to a businessman Michale Kay but she never got married to him. Since then Vanna White kept the information about her personal life private. Which seems like a wise decision.

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